General Terms of Use (GTU)

Hello and welcome to, the first legal Algerian translation platform. 

This document relating to the General Terms of Use represents between you, the customer, and ourselves, Legal Doctrine, a contract, the provisions of which are mentioned below.

By accessing one of our sites, you are deemed to have read and accepted the GTUs.


1. Legal information :

The Site is exclusively operated by EURL Legal Doctrine ALGERIE with the share capital of 100.000 DA, registered with the Algerian Chamber of Commerce of Algiers under number 1600 -1012641B17, whose headquarters is located at Lot N°4 belle vue, Chemin de la Madeleine, Hydra Alger.

Our General Director is GHANEMI Walid and our tax identification number is 00 17 16 10 12 12 64 13 84. The number of our statistical identification is 00 17 16 55 02 84 33 9.

You can contact us by email at this address or by phone at (213) 560-427-144.

2. Intellectual property:

Legal-slate is an Algerian trademark registered at the National Institute of Intellectual Property (INAPI).

All publications projected on the platform or other pages relating to texts, logos, images, illustration drawings or any other element related to the brand are owned exclusively by the publisher.

Any unlawful exploitation, reproduction, plagiarism constitutes an infringement of the law Ordinance No. 03 – 06 of 19 Joumada El Oula 1424 corresponding to July 19, 2003 relating to trademarks, which may lead to legal proceedings against you.

3. Browsing :

You are entitled to browse the platform, in its entirety, free of charge, in order to discover the offers that the Site offers to Internet users or one of the pages to which they will be redirected for security checks. 

4. Personal data :

The data that you will be required to provide through our platform are processed by the person in charge of processing in accordance with Act No. 18-07 of 25 Ramadhan 1439 corresponding to 10 June 2018 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data.

Your data may only be processed after you have explicitly obtained your – -consent and will be used for the following purposes:
– subscription to the services offered as mentioned in the T&Cs;
– adapt and improve our services to the Platform's users;
– advertising targeting.

The personal data collected are processed by:
– The controller himself, the "Legal-slate".
– The third party: any person employed within "Legal-slate".

In accordance with article 3 of Act n° 18-04 of 24 Chaâbane 1439 corresponding to 10 May 2018, you are deemed to have consented to the collection of your personal data as soon as you access the platform via integrated cookies.

Given that Legal-slate is concerned about your personal data, it is collected for the above-mentioned purposes and is systematically encrypted by a powerful algorithm.

5. Liability:

Legal-slate cannot be held liable solely and exclusively for the acts it issues to users in the provision of services.

Any loss of data, cyber attack, or other damage beyond Legal-slate's control that may result in damage cannot be the responsibility of Legal-slate.

In addition, Legal-slate undertakes to provide the services offered with due diligence and within the agreed time limits. legal-slate cannot be held liable in the event of force majeure.

6. Prohibited behavior:

While browsing the Platform, the following behaviors are strictly prohibited:

  • - Any attempt or breach to interrupt, suspend or prevent access to the site;
  • - Any attempt to intrude into our confidential database system;
  • - The information of erroneous data to access the functionalities offered on the platform;

Legal-slate reserves the right to act in accordance with these GTUs in the event of non-compliance with this provision.

7. Consumer :

No chargeable access through your browsing on our Site will be required. Any advertising to which you will be redirected is not our initiative.

We remind you that the only payment you will have to make will correspond to the cost of the services offered as mentioned in our General Terms of Sale.

8 Updates

Users will be informed of any changes by means of an indicator through the platform for a period of fifteen (15) days before the entry into force of new Terms of Use.

9. conflict resolution

In the event of a conflict between the Legal-slate editor and yourself, these GTUs stipulate that prior to any legal action; both parties must study the situation in dispute in order to find an amicable solution.

In the event of legal action, the dispute shall be subject to civil law at the territorially competent tribunal.

10 Entry into force: 

These General Terms and Conditions of Use came into force on November 1st, 2019. They are applicable to persons who have accessed the Platform before and after that date.


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