The best digital spell checking tools

The best digital spell checking tools

It's a fact: we spend most of our time writing on computers, smartphones or other tablets, and the use of the pen is increasingly devoted to the sole necessity of signing a document. At the same time, everyone agrees that typos, tuning errors, spelling or grammar problems are not lost on anyone, even after careful proofreading.

Unfortunately, these inaccuracies have negative effects. They degrade the quality of the text and damage the reputation of a website, service or else. For this reason, proofreading and correcting a text remains a laborious and delicate task, and a minor assistance seems to be necessary. 

Today, the use of digital tools is spreading more and more for all tasks. Online spell checking softwares, although not 100% reliable, they simplify the checking process greatly and help to reduce the number of writing errors. Several of them are available online. In this list, we present 5 of the most reputable and used ones by netizens.

1. Scribens

It is a free online spell checker known for its simplicity of use. It allows to correct one's text after a simple copy and paste in the interface. It identifies spelling, grammar, typography, and syntax errors. 

A pop-up opens to suggest the correct the word for you, but also to redirect you to the corresponding spelling ruler.

The biggest advantage of Scribens is that it can correct your texts in French as well as in English.

Moreover, and like most spell checkers, the automatic correction may not detect certain grammar or tuning errors. It may miss grammatical errors on certain words, or even syntax errors.

2. Bonpatron

It is another free, efficient, reliable and easy-to-use online spell checking software. It explains each mistake by giving concrete examples, with the availability of a small summary of the mistakes with a reminder of the spelling rules just below the box where you insert your text. 

It is efficient, but can also be less advantageous. You can only paste 2000 characters at a time, or about 250 words, which is relatively few and requires you to do it in several times. 

There is a reason for this restriction. Bonpatron is available as a paid version for a one-year subscription for only 12 euros. By purchasing it, you will be able to paste a larger amount of text.

3. Antidote

Although it is reputed to be one of the best spell checking softwares on the market, its use is subject to a fee (about a hundred euros).

It is available for life from the moment of purchase, with a unique download code to be used once on a single computer.

Its interface is simple to use and it also detects typographical and stylistic errors, highlights spelling mistakes and advises on the correction to be made.

Some options are even more advanced. Antidote detects awkward sentence turns, repetitions and the use of colloquial vocabulary.

4. LanguageTool

This is another spell checker that has the advantage that it can be installed as an extension for the Firefox browser. It is very simple to use. Its interface is basic, you just need to copy and paste your text to access the correction. 

LanguageTool offers a free version (up to 20,000 characters), which is quite substantial, and a premium version (up to 40,000 characters) for 59 euros per year. 

There is also a very practical option if you have texts in other languages. The software not only corrects French, but also German, English, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Polish and even Spanish.

5. Reverso

Although in general it is a little less reliable than its alternatives, Reverso is one of the best known online translation tools, as it is ranked in the top positions of the Google search engine. It has a very clear interface. A copy and paste of your text in the window allows you to access a correction.

Reverso alerts you to spelling mistakes and, to a lesser extent, grammar errors. Its Google Chrome extension allows you to use it directly when you write an email or a Facebook post, which is very practical.

Reverso corrects your texts in French and English. However, your text is limited to 2000 words only.


While the use of spell checking tools is practical, effective and appropriate, it is not enough. They are very advantageous, but they are not infallible. Online spell checkers are functional, but not all of them go far enough. Nevertheless, they are already very useful when you need proofreading or correction and you don't necessarily have the budget to invest in paid software.

The ideal solution is to use a professional proofreader whose job it is to track down the slightest syntax, lexical or grammatical error.

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